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"Feeding Hope, One Action at a Time"

We're on a mission to feed hope to young Kiwis, one action at a time.

This means sustaining, strengthening and supporting our young to truly thrive and become amazing.

It means taking action on a need we see, and doing what we can with what we've got.

We've taken action through our school lunches, youth initiatives and parent programmes.

You can too... Click here to help feed hope to our leaders of tomorrow.

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Feed the Need is focussed on providing fresh, nutritious meals to children in low decile schools. Would you like to help us?

About Us

We're a team on a mission to help fuel healthy minds by filling tummies with hot, nutritious lunches.

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What We Do

We make fresh, hot lunches and deliver them to decile 1 and 2 schools during the winter months when illness and absences are highest.

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Support Us

We’ve got big ambitions to grow our school lunches programme but we need lots of help to do so. Find out more on how you could lend a hand.

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