Winter Boost Programme

Our Winter Boost Programme provides hot, nutritious lunches to every child in our decile 1 & 2 primary schools, giving vulnerable children a lift during the colder months.

This winter we are delivering 68,000 lunches to 2,800 children in 6 primary schools in Manurewa and Takanini. Each child enjoys a winter boost lunch 2-3 times a week.

What’s on the menu?

A yummy variety of soups, stews and casseroles served with bread rolls, incuding; winter lamb stew, chicken and bacon casserole, pumpkin soup and beef goulash.

Who’s involved?

We are privileged to work alongside our amazing partner schools to support their students. They are:

  • Manurewa South School
  • Rowandale School
  • Roscommon School
  • Clendon Park School
  • Leabank School
  • Takanini School

We also have great partners on board who are wonderful advocates of our work. Because of their generosity, we can get on and do what we do!

How can we get this in our area or school?

Right now we service schools in the Manurewa and Takanini suburbs of Auckland. We are growing every year and will expand out from these areas to hopefully reach all decile 1 & 2 Primary Schools in Auckland by 2020. Then, it’s on to other regions in New Zealand.

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Our Approach

We’ve been deliberate in designing our Winter Boost Programme, maximising our resources to have a meaningful impact on our most vulnerable children.
Here’s how we’ve approached it:

Targeting High-need Communities
We work with decile 1 & 2 schools to reach children in the most deprived neighborhoods

Feeding Every Child
It’s important to us that every child in our schools can access a warm, hearty lunch. Everyone eats together and nobody stands out as being different.

Working with Primary Schools
We target young primary school kids – at a stage where they are most dependent and where nutrition is especially important to their long-term development.

Focusing on Winter
Our initial focus is the winter period, a time when our kids are most vulnerable and when school absences are high.

Providing the Best Food
Our kids deserve the best quality food on offer to make the biggest impact on their nutritional health. And, with the help of Massey University, we are continually improving the nutrition of our lunch meals.

Runs on the Board

It’s our fourth year making lunches and each year we’ve at least doubled the number of hot meals we provide:

  • 2012 5,000 lunches
  • 2013 10,000 lunches
  • 2014 25,000 lunches
  • 2015 68,000 lunches
  • 2016…...Shooting for 140,000 lunches!

Find out how you can help us reach our 2016 goal here.