Pātaka Programme

We are piloting Pātaka in four schools during 2019. Pātaka are food pantries, like mini-foodbanks located at schools where students and their families can discreetly access emergency food in a familiar and supportive environment. The School Food Pantry model is a common instrument used across the USA and other countries, to address food poverty in low-income communities.

Pātaka are storehouses that Māori of old used for storing food, particularly during times of abundance so that there was food accessible during the colder months. These storehouses were crucial to the health and wellbeing of the families and villages, where food was shared in times of need.

Pātaka (storehouses)
Image courtesy of Te Ara | The encyclopedia of New Zealand

Pātaka symbolise the value of caring for each other as a community so that everyone can thrive. Pātaka will operate in a way that encompasses FTN’s core philosophy of allowing dignified access to food, free from judgement and stigma.