Feed the Whanau Programme

In October we will be piloting our ‘Feed the Whanau’ programme as another avenue to support children to learn, thrive and become amazing.  It will mean we will not only make an impact on children within the school environment, but also within their homes. 

The programme will bring together young parents in our school communities to learn how to cook tasty, nutritious and affordable meals for their whānau.  We hope to inspire and excite young parents to cook great food that not only nourishes the whole whanau but also creates a sense of pride and togetherness in the home.

What will parents’ learn?

Parents will learn valuable cooking techniques, a vast range of recipes, menu planning and shopping skills. Classes will be hands-on and easy-to-follow with everyone cooking and learning together in a fun, whānau-feel environment.

Each parent gets to take home food they have cooked to feed the whanau that night and will also acquire essential cooking tools for the home e.g. slow cooker, frypan, blender stick etc.

A core part of the programme is teaching parents how to use fruit and vegetables in season and how to make a meal out of whatever is available – skills to help stretch the budget.

Plans for the future?

We hope to secure funding to deliver 4 courses in 2016.