Words From Our Supporters

Kerry Owen and her initiative, 'Feed the Need' represent the best of our community heart and soul. Having seen a need and driven by a desire to make a difference, Kerry has invested her own time and business interests to bring food and hope to many children who are suffering in the Auckland community. I recommend her and Feed the Need to any potential donor and partner as a charity worthy of consideration and support."

Allan Freeth, Chairman, Save the Children New Zealand

"We support the charity 'Feed the Need' which has as its main goal to provide lunches for four schools in our area, our school being one of them.

I believe emphatically that children in low decile schools be provided with food to ensure that they can concentrate and perform at the level that their higher decile counterparts can. As I have stated to many people who don’t understand children being hungry, until you go one day without food, you can not understand what it is like for a child to try and learn to their full potential.

I support 'Feed the Need' as it does not discriminate between any children at the school, in fact feeds every child who wishes to have a meal/food on that particular day.

We will appreciate any support that Kerry and her charity 'Feed the Need' receive.

Phil Palfrey, Principal Manurewa East School, 
Member of New Zealand Principal Federation Executive